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Erick Miracle Point Model 900-01d Digital Centering tool

SKU: mpi900-01d

UPC: 697395001196

Made In USA

Digital Erick Miracle Point model 900 Centering head / pipe centering tool.

  •  More precise then other centering head tools
  • Digital display resolution 0.1 degree / centering accuracy = +/- 0.5 degree 4x90 degree
  • gives immediate reading of angles for 360-degree radius.
  • Display .10 degree or % pitch per foot angle Absolut or relative measurement
  • Works as magnetic base protractor, level, centering head, centering punch, or pipe centering tool great for pipe fitting and welding

    • Get Immediate reading of angles for 360-degree radius.
    • The V base is welded together then, precision milled, very durable with strong magnetic pull.
    • Center pin hardened to RC 59/63
    • Accurately marks center point  at angle being indicated to be drilled, milled, welded...

     Extra features include:

    • Certificate of calibration included with new or reserviced units Guaranteed 1 year +/- .5 degree
    • All instruments have been calibrated traceable to NIST standards, 1year service calibration warrantee Made in U.S.A.



Button 1 on/off power switch press and hold for 3-5 seconds to power on/off

Button 2. Display option Degree or % of slope press to switch

Button 3. Calibrate setting Absolut 0.0 or current position set relative 0.0 press and hold for 3 sec to set 0.0 (unit is set at factory and will resume factory setting once turned on/off)

Button 4 Hold to save current position press and hold the 4th button the current position will be locked to screen arrow will bling. press again to resume




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Erick Miracle Point Model 900-01d Digital Centering tool