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Centering head w/ magnetic base protractor Miracle Point Model 900-01

SKU: mpi900

UPC: 697395000007

Made In USA

  • Erick Miracle Point Model 900-01 Magnetic centering head punch, or pipe centering tool.

    •  More precise then other centering head tools
    • certificate of calibration included N.I.S.T. traceable 
    • The V base exerts a powerful magnetic pull to most any shape/form.
    • The V base is precision milled and the center pin will show the middle point at the angle being indicated 
    • use a protractor or center of exsiting hole, use as hole locator
    • Punch the center pin on the Centering Head to loctate center at angle being indicated
    • one of the most accurate, and quickest ways to mark the center of round, square, hex, most any shape that fits into the v leg
    • great for metal fabrication, pluming, welding, set up, drills, mills, lathes, benders and general leveling needs
    • ·         extra features include

    o  Calibration certificate included with new or reserviced units Guaranteed +/- .5 degree

    o    All instruments have been calibrated against standards traceable to NIST standards 

    o    certificate included with new or reserviced units 

    o    1 year calibration service warrantee includes no charge labor

    o    Made in U.S.A.


Dispay is as follows:

Dial face for our model 900-01 
Dial face indicates 0-90-0-90-0




This is our most popular model 
read 0-90 in any direction after 90 degree add the degrees accordingly pictured above



Guaranteed Calibration – ± 1/2° for One Full Year
We guarantee calibration for one year on new and rebuild units
1 year service warrantee includes no charge labor plus.
After one year guarantee is expired we charge full rebuild fee of US$149.95 and servicing for another full year from rebuild date…
Dial Face – 2″
Height – 5 1/4″
Width – 5″
Depth – 1″
Part number cross references 06478903,900-01,model 10,

Weight – 16 oz. w/case

Packaged – One per box
cast aluminum housing. american made 
23 ounce hinged metal case optional part number 900-36 MSRP $42.95 each

metal case is required for Air Export and Air freight


The tool with unlimited uses...
Determining angles on shapers, milling machines, grinders, etc.
Quickly finds center of square or round stock.
All angle finding operation in your shop.
Indispensible in quickly and accurately determining angles.
Locate plumb and centerline.
Checks drive line angles and many other uses

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Centering head w/ magnetic base protractor Miracle Point Model 900-01