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Miracle Point Model 900-01

SKU: mpi900-01

UPC: 697395000007

Made In USA

This is one of the fastest, most accurate ways to mark the center of round, square, hex oval, most any shape that fits into the “V” leg.

  • Fast, precise measurements
  • Dial face indicates 0-90-0-90-0
  • read 0-90 in any direction

Works as magnetic base protractor, level, centering head, centering punch, or pipe centering tool great for pipe fitting and welding.

  • Centering tool has a solid brass movement which gives immediate reading of angles for 360-degree radius.
  • The V base is welded together then, precision milled, very durable with strong magnetic pull.
  • Center pin hardened to RC 59/63
  • Accurately marks center point  at angle being indicated to be drilled, milled, welded...

 Extra features include:

  • Certificate of calibration included with new or reserviced units Guaranteed 1 year +/- .5 degree
  • All instruments have been calibrated traceable to NIST standards, 1 year service calibration warranty Made in U.S.A.
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Miracle Point Model 900-01