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Custom Engineering

Our engineering department is equipped to give your special problems concerning magnets and magnetic base protractors prompt attention. You are invited to contact us with any special application you have for a prompt economical quote. We will give your particular problem our expert attention.

Materials in Stock:

  • Alnico V
  • Ceramic 5 & 8
  • Neodynmium 24,30,35
  • Flexible magnetic sheeting

Standard Cobalt or Alnico V – For general lifting and holding uses. Excellent in extreme or harsh environments. Very resistive to corrosion. Maximum operating temperature is 800°F.

Ceramic — Has a greater resistance to demagnetization than Alnico, but with a lower magnetic strength. These are relatively inexpensive and will resist corrosion.

Neodymium — Has a higher energy density than cobalt (Alnico V). It is less brittle, but is more likely to corrode than Cobalt. Maximum operation temperature is 312°F.

All magnet’s holding power can be greatly increased when sandwiched between steel plates or inserted in a steel cup.

Please don’t hesitate to allow us to help engineer your specific magnetic requirement

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